Living at Lia Gård

Important information about life in the Lia Gård community

The four pillars of the community-life at Lia Gård

Living with God

Being a christian community, God is the centre in our lives. Not only do we want our guests to meet up with God. We as a fellowship and each of us as a person have a desire to live with God. Our living relationship with him is expressed through the daily prayers, personal times with God, the weekly life group and many more things.

Sharing your life

We live and work together on the site, and the experience is much more than that of just being ‘staff’. There is a real depth of relationship, a sharing of our lives, as we support and encourage each other.

Serving God through serving others

The vision of Lia Gård is: As a community we want to offer people a place where they can experience God. To make that possible we as a community are serving the guests through offering clean and propper housing, good food, different kinds of program and many more things. Although the serving at Lia Gård is sometimes costly it is also great to experience that God is touching and healing people through our willingness to serve him.

Growing as a person

There are many opportunities to try new things, to be challenged and stretched and to discover what your gifts and strengths are. Being thrown together so closely with other people can be difficult, thrilling and an intense time of growth! God works powerfully through the community experience to heal, change and mature people.

Who? What? How?

Who we are

240 km north of Oslo Lia Gård lies high up in the mountains with Lake Storsjøen below. The nearest neighbour lives 4 km away. The view is astonishing and the nature is powerful. The estate on which the farm lies, is varied and offers many opportunities for walks – both in the summer and the winter.

Lia Gård aims to be a place where people of all ages, regardless of family or church background, can come and experience the forgiving and healing presence of God. A place to feel, touch and listen. A meeting place. A place where one can just be. The three daily prayers make an important rhytm for the day. Stillnes is also an important element here at Lia Gård. We often make the experience that through giving people the opportunity to be silent they are able to hear an feel God in new ways.

What kind of people are we looking for?

You need to be fit and active, happy in a people environment, keen to serve God, keen to serve others and drawn to being part of a community. Our experience is that people who are suffering from psychological problems are not finding the life at Lia Gård helpful.

You need to be willing to live a life based on a christian faith. Being a part of the community, your life will influence the life together here at Lia Gård. Living as "husfolk“ does not mean to be perfect, on the contrary we learn to accept each other with our many faults. However if you live here you need to keep certain boundaries: Treating others badly, stealing, getting drunk, using drugs, sex outside marriage or sexual assault are not applicable to the life here at Lia Gård. To protect Lia Gård and the fellowship you could be asked to leave the community if you do suchs things.

How long?

Usually we want people to come for a year or longer. We also take on some extra people to help out if there is much to do.

Accommodation, allowance...

You may need to share a room or you are given your own room. Food and accommodation are provided and you are given an allowance on top of that.

Working hours

Community Membership at Lia Gård is essentially a way of life, and does not include work for which hourly rates of pay would be applicable. Your times of work may vary according to the particular task that you are assigned to at any given time. At the kitchen you normaly work a morningshift (07:00 - 15:00) or evening shift (14:00 - 22:00). If you are cleaning og work outside the working times as 09:00 - 17:00. The work with the guests means having different kinds of tasks throughout the day with breaks in between.

Days off and holidays

Each Community member has one weekly day off and one extra monthly day off. In addition, those who are here for 1 year or more have 5 weeks of holiday each year (pro rata if here for less than 1 year).

A typical week at Lia Gård

Monday; normal working day

Tuesday; „Community day“ - work around community commitments

09:00 - Meeting: Information about what ́s comming up and other issues concerning the running of Lia Gård
18:00 - Holy communion
20:00 - Life Group: Community meets up to socialise, talk about a biblical topic and pray together

Wednesday; normal working day

Thursday; normal working day

Friday; normal working day

Saturday: normal working day

Sunday: As far as possible community work half a day.

20:00 - Open evening for community (optional).
Evening meal together and then a social activity.


Each day at 08:30 and 12:45. Evening Prayer at 21:00. We attend these unless on day off or due to work commitments. The prayertimes could change due to the program of a retreat or a conference


The most important work of the house people is work for and with the guests. This includes many types of activities which are mostly practical: Preparing the meals, dishwashing and cleaning are the major tasks. Doing beds and shopping need to be done. There are also outside work such as snow cleaning, carrying wood, cutting grass, weeding. The work might also include office work, receiving guests, responsibilities concerning children and youth groups and leading prayers. With the possibilities we have, we try to match the interests and gifts of a person to the tasks they are to be doing.

What will you get?

  • Grow and learn many new things
  • Getting to know many different people
  • Getting to know yourself better
  • Getting to know God better
  • Help to learn norwegian
  • Visit different places and cities in Norway
  • Regular, personal talks with one of the leaders



This paper is still being worked on, so changes could occur. However the general direction will be kept.

Last updated 11 May 2015

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