About Lia Gård

Lia Gård is an exceptional place, both in terms of location, architecture, atmosphere and in the way the place is built and run.

Lia Gård lies high up in the mountains with Lake Storsjøen below. The nearest neighbour lives 4 km away. The view is astonishing and the nature is powerful without being overly dramatic. The estate on which the farm lies, is varied and offers many opportunities for walks – both in the summer and the winter.

Lia Gård aims to be a place where people of all ages, regardless of family or church background, can come and experience the forgiving and healing presence of God. A place where one does not have to wear a mask. A place to feel, touch and listen. A meeting place. A place where one can just be.

The retreat centre is originally an old farm, dating from the Middle Ages and has been abandoned several times until the present owners moved here in the 1970s and rebuilt the place to start with family retreats. In more than 30 years the place has been filled with life, and as time has passed more and more buildings has appeared - houses and chapels.

Who we are

We who live and serve here call ourselves "husfolk" (litt. "house people"), and we live, work and pray together for shorter or longer periods of time.

Where we are

Where are we: 240 km north of Oslo. 2 ½ hours away from Oslo Airport – Gardermoen. 260 km south of Trondheim.

What we do

We arrange retreats – both for adults, on an individual basis, for families, and for large and small groups; as well as retreats with a special theme, courses, conferences, and one-day arrangements. We also offer a refuge for those in need of quiet and relaxation.


Nylia – our newest house – has 20 en-suite rooms. In addition to these, we have 14 other rooms. All-in-all, we can welcome up to 80 guests. With Nylia, our flexibility and capacity have increased enormously. Lia Gård is now a place offering av variety of opportunities and choices for churches, Christian organisations, as well as other needs and different settings.


Ingeborg and Sigmund Bø

Church background


Contact us

Address: Postal Box 106, 2481 Koppang, NORWAY
Tel: (+47) 62 46 65 00
E-mail: retreat@liagard.no
Account number: 1850.05.14562


61.56402, 11.17756
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