Advanced Enneagram: The Spirituality of the Enneagram

Combine a retreat with deeper knowledge of the Enneagram. Andreas Ebert will teach and lead the retreat.
  • Dato: 22.04.2018 - 25.04.2018

Some of the roots of the Enneagram typology are genuine Christian and can be traced back to the early desert fathers and mothers of the 4th century. Especially Evagrius Ponticus developed systems of  eight or  nine "passions" that keep us from being in union with our true selves and God. Most of the time he called those stumbling stones "logismoi" ("thought patterns"), because he believed that our false mental concepts keep us caught in our false selves and give birth to all passions, vices, and sins. He also taught contemplative prayers as the chief means to overcome and integrate those "thoughts". In this seminar we will apply this old wisdom to our own Enneagram patterns and experiences. We will also discover how our "type" influences our prayer lives and how the Enneagram can help us to understand our own behaviour and how we can become more compassionate with ourselves and our fellow human beings. The "Enneagram Rosary", a chain of perls similar to the "Kristuskrans", will be our tool for quiet and communal prayers and meditations. The participants should have basic knowledge of the Enneagram and their own "type". Reading the two Enneagram books of Andreas Ebert beforehand could also be helpful. The language of the seminar is mainly English but partly Norwegian as well.

Thank you for your booking this retreat! You will recieve a confirmation from us within some days. If the retreat is fully booked we may put you on a waiting list.

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